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Operating steps of multi-function dust suppressors(Three)

Operating steps of multi-function dust suppressors(Three)

steven abroad 2019-01-15 19:04:57

Operating steps of multi-function dust suppressor(3)


Seven, handheld remote control transmitter instructions and operating characteristics:

    A. Operation: (1) When starting up, please turn the emergency stop button in the upper right corner clockwise to turn on the power of the remote control.

    (2) When shutting down, confirm the click and stop the operation and press the emergency stop button in the upper right corner.

    (3) If there is no response operation command when starting up, please turn off the power of the finger remote control transmitter and receiver for 10 seconds and then turn it on again. If you do not respond, please contact us.

    B. Work indicator description; the indicator light is located below the handheld remote control transmitter.

    (1) It is green when it is turned on, and it is green when it receives the feedback signal. At this time, it can operate normally.

    (2) During normal operation, the green indicator light flashes for 0.5 seconds. After the operation is finished, the green indicator light goes out. The handheld remote control transmitter automatically transmits the signal, and the main power contactor is normally received after the receiver is maintained until the next set of instructions ends.

(3) When the indicator light is red, it indicates that the battery power is insufficient, and the handheld remote transmitter will stop sending any commands.

C. Battery maintenance: This handheld remote control transmitter uses two 5th 1.5V alkaline dry batteries. When the handheld remote control indicator is red, it indicates the voltage. Please replace the battery immediately, otherwise the remote control will not operate normally.

    D, note:

    (1) Always check the handheld remote transmitter and find that the battery should be replaced immediately if the battery is insufficient.

    (2) Pay attention to the handheld remote control transmitter to prevent water ingress. If there is water inflow, please remove the battery immediately and use it after treatment.

    (3) Care for the handheld remote control transmitter, please don't throw it at random.

    (4) It is forbidden to use the remote control to control the device when the line of sight is not good.

    (5) The yellow button in the upper left corner of the handheld remote control is the defrosting control button. Press once to “unfreeze open” and press again to “unfreeze stop”.

    (6) When the handheld remote control is not in use, the emergency stop button in the upper right corner should be pressed to save battery power of the remote control and prolong battery life.

    Eight, safe operation instructions:

    (1) When working, please strictly follow the operating procedures. It is forbidden to press the liquid pump start button first. The liquid pump must be started after the fan is running normally, so as to avoid the liquid flowing back to the axial fan and the spray tube due to the first starter pump. .

    (2) After the fan rotates, do not approach the air inlet of the axial fan. Personnel must not stand at the air outlet of the air duct.

    (3) It is forbidden to use special working fluid.

    (4) It is strictly forbidden to enter the water tank with sediment and debris, so as to avoid blocking the pipeline, nozzle or damage to the liquid pump. If the nozzle is blocked or leaking, the spray switch should be turned off or the machine should be shut down for cleaning.

    (5) After the spraying operation, the water in the equipment liquid pump and the pipeline must be drained, especially in areas with low temperature and easy to freeze. When not in use, it must be drained to avoid cracking equipment and pipelines. .

    (6) If the machine does not bring the heat preservation device, it is strictly forbidden to start the machine when the ground temperature reaches the freezing point or the inside has been frozen. Otherwise, the equipment will not rotate and the equipment will be burnt out or other accidents will occur.

    (7) During the icing season, lubricating oils such as diesel engines and liquid pumps must be replaced with antifreeze lubricants and fuel at local temperatures.

    (8) Always check if the lubricating oil and plunger butter in the liquid pump are sufficient, otherwise it should be refueled.

    (9) If it is sprayed, please wear protective equipment to avoid drug poisoning. It is strictly forbidden for children to contact the liquid medicine and equipment to avoid accidents. It is strictly forbidden to face the nozzle when spraying.

    (10) Refer to the instruction manual of the liquid pump for maintenance and replacement of the liquid pump. 

    (11) There is a filter at the inlet of the liquid pump. After use, the filter must be cleaned frequently to prevent the nozzle from clogging and the damage of the liquid pump. If the equipment is used frequently, the blocked nozzle should be cleaned frequently, otherwise it will affect the use. effect.

    (12) If it is used to spray medicine, please fill in the water before filling the medicine tank, then pour the medicine liquid, so as not to pour the medicine liquid to corrode the medicine box or joints and pipes first. After the operation, the equipment must be thoroughly cleaned.