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Introduction to sewage treatment vehicles

Introduction to sewage treatment vehicles

steven abroad 2019-01-17 01:11:58

Introduction to sewage treatment vehicles



The sewage treatment vehicle is a new model specially developed for the treatment of septic tanks. It has obtained a number of national patents. The vehicle can directly separate the sewage from the septic tank into the cabin for separation and compression, and then directly discharge the sewage into the municipal pipe. The net, the compressed dirt is packed in the package and left the scene. The sewage treatment vehicle can be used for blue card, suitable for urban septic tank cleaning and sewage treatment plant treatment, environmental protection announcement, and enjoy the national exemption policy.

The sewage treatment vehicle is beautiful in appearance, with an hourly workload of 100-120 cubic meters, a suction height of 7-9 meters, and a self-priming part of the pipe length of up to 20 meters, which can work continuously for 2-6 hours. When pumping work, 1/4 of the nozzle can be exposed to the air, and it has a good self-priming function for thicker dirt.

The basic configuration of the sewage treatment vehicle: imported high-power suction pump, vacuum box, compression separation mechanism and hydraulic system.