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Several common maintenance measures for the maintenance of refrigerated vehicles.

  • Author:Steven.wang
  • Source:www.chinacysalestruck.com
  • Release on:2023-05-10
During the application process, the body of the refrigerated compartment is generally subject to external forces, which can cause damage to the body of the compartment, especially due to collision with vehicles due to the height limit poles, poor lighting or conditions ofUnknown road. What are the common ways of damaging and repairing the body of the refrigerated compartment?

1 、 Common damage to refrigerated transport bodies

The internal and external skins of the national refrigerated carriages are mostly made of fiberglass, and the intermediate interior is mainly made of polyurethane insulation material. Therefore, common damage to the internal and external skin of the carriagesDomestic refrigerated include scratches and cracks, damage to the carriages and small peeled insulation layer of the internal and external skins of the carriages.

2 、 Repair measures for several common losses of the refrigerated transport body

(1) Repair of the damaged insulation layer of the body refrigerated compartment

Due to the impact or other reasons, the insulation laya small area, and make polyurethane insulation materials and glass steel plates of the same size. The insulation material is covered with fiberglass and coated with unsaturated polyester adhesive, and the internal glass steel plates are gluedexternal. They are placed in the cutting holes in the side panel and are fixed along with the entire side panel with external force. After the adhesive is cured for approximately 1 to 2 hours, they are polished and painted.

(2) Repair of scratches and cracks on the internal and external skin of the refrigerated compartment

Scratches and cracks on the outer skin of the refrigerated compartment can directly affect the appearance of the compartment, while deep scratches and cracks in the internal skin of the refrigerated compartment can affect the insulation performance of the isolated compartment. The repair method for refrigerated trucksIt is first to polish the scratches and cracks on a rough surface, then apply the mixed atomic ashes uniformly, wait for atomic ashes to dry well, and then polish the soft and then spray the paint.