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Tips for tire maintenance of oil tank trucks in summer

Tips for tire maintenance of oil tank trucks in summer

steven.wang www.chinacysalestruck.com 2023-05-12 17:36:09

Tips for tire maintenance of oil tank trucks in summer

Faced with the escalating high temperatures in summer, when vehicles are driving on dry and hot roads, the tire pressure will also increase, which directly affects the driving safety of the vehicle and may even lead to a tire blowout accident. The maintenance of summer tires has become a topic of concern for oil tank truck drivers. Oil tank truck manufacturers provide several tips for you to refer to:

**Tip: Choose high-quality tires and replace them in a timely manner.

There are many reasons for a tire blowout, and the deterioration of tire performance is the main culprit. As the tire gradually wears out, the steel wire layer gradually fatigues, and the tread ages, its performance will inevitably weaken. So, in the hot summer, we must first ensure that the fuel tank truck uses a high-quality "healthy" tire.

**Tip: Regularly check the tire pressure, including the spare tire pressure.

In the scorching summer, if the tire comes into contact with the hot ground and the tire pressure is high, it is likely to cause a tire blowout. Therefore, when driving at high temperatures, do not let the tire pressure be too high, and conduct necessary inspections before leaving the oil tank truck.

The third trick: If you find that the tire temperature and pressure are too high, you should not deflate or splash cold water. Instead, you should choose a cool place to park and let the tire temperature and pressure naturally decrease.

Fourth tip: Do not frequently engage in abnormal driving such as sudden acceleration, sudden braking, and sudden steering when driving a fuel tank truck.

Because this driving method can cause sharp deformation of the tires, which can easily wear out too quickly and cause the tires to burst.