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The rules of the concrete mixture and the preventive measures used to use a mixture:

The rules of the concrete mixture and the preventive measures used to use a mixture:

Stephen www.chinacealestruct.com 2023-05-30 11:22:41

The rules of the concrete mixture and the preventive measures used to use a mixture:

The mixing truck is also called concrete mixer, which is mainly used to transport concrete, and is also a necessary tool to build a station. Most concrete mixers are large. When the concrete is not loaded, the center ofTransport is very low and the driving process is relatively stable. After filling the concrete, the height of the center will increase the seriousness of the vehicle after loading the concrete from the high water tank of the mixed device. In recent years, it is usuallya road accident caused by the rupture of the concrete blender. The Chinese Vehicle Service Center has not issued a notice of the requirements of the Concrete Concrete Concrete Office and Concrete Transportation, which requires pathological developmentcurrent of the hybrid truck market and avoiding this situation and avoiding it. Similar mixed accounts throughout the truck.

Rules for concrete mixtures:

Notify the standardization required by the Office of Concrete Transport Tools: All automobile manufacturers and related test agencies:

To further standardize the management of the mixed concrete of transport vehicles in the "announcement" of the "announcement", after studying and approving the Department of Industrial Policy of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, we present the following requirements for the"Ad" management for the transfer of concrete vehicles:

1. The following three technical requirements for specific vehicles for mixing and transport are added to the "regulatory requirements":

(1) Mixed concrete transport vehicles must correspond to the following table: When the transmission axis is equipped with a double tire on each side of each axis and the air suspension, this limit can be increased by 1000 kg.

(2) The mixed barrel speed of the concrete mixer should not be less than 51.5 % (the ratio between the mixed filling of the filling roller and the geometric capacity is expressed in percentage).

(3) The hybrid capacity of concrete mixing trucks must meet the following requirements: ≤≤ ≤ Capacity (kg)/concrete density (kg/m3) × 110 %

Notice. Concrete density is 2400 kg/m3.It is recommended to use "mixed and transported vehicles" in GB/T 26408-2011.

2. Management requirements for advertisement parameters:

(1) Adjust the "mixed quantity" parameters in other columns of the advertisement parameter through the "hybrid container" parameter, and determine the mixing capacity based on GB/T 26408-2011 to "use it to" mix ".

(2) Add the geometric capacity of the storage tank, the inclination angle of the storage tank, the mixed capacity and the graph of the mixed capacity and the graph of the structure of the tank to the supply parameters. This figure must include theTank size (the total tank length, the maximum external diameter of the body of the tank, the diameter of the feeding port, the thickness of the tank wall and the process of calculating the tank.

3. For products that do not meet the previous technical requirements in the announcement, all related manufacturing companies must repair the products in the announcement before July 1, 2015.

From 269 ads of political parties, all related manufacturers and test agencies must request new products and test them in accordance with the above requirements.

From the data mentioned above, it is clear that if new rules can be implemented, the main large trucks with tank mixers can be completed, and the overload will stop. But there is currently a policy in China