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Illness and food truck

Illness and food truck

Steven abroad 2018-10-02 00:29:11

Illness and food truck

Will someone ask about the relationship between illness and food truck? I want to say "yes", through the high development of this society and economy, you will find 

Our life is so fast, and maybe there's no time to eat and exercise, why? Because we are working to soften the coming days, then, many and many people

Choose to buy some food from the outdoor food truck, but for a long time you will find that it is not healthy, especially in some development. 

countries, because the worker basically mentioned how to give us a healthy fast food, I do not like to eat Hanbagur, and some fast food,

but it's not useful, I need to leave with my body full, sometimes, maybe I do not have time to eat to finish my project, so, you will find,

the fast food truck will be increasingly popular, but a good food truck quailty, will have a full equipment and can cancel some diseases

of our food,                                                                                                                  

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