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The regulations and precautions needed to use concrete mixer trucks

The regulations and precautions needed to use concrete mixer trucks

Steven www.chinacysalestruck.com 2023-06-08 14:54:56
A mixer truck, also known as concrete A mixer truck, mainly used to transport concrete and it is also A necessary vehicle for stations building projects; most of the concrete mixer truck The models are relatively large. When they are not loaded with concrete, the center The car is less and the driving is relatively soft; once in Concrete is filled, and the heavy center of the vehicle increases due to the vehicle To the body of the high tank of the mixer truck. Traffic accidents caused by The concrete mixer truck was reversed this year, recently, The Chinese machinery service center issued a notice on organizing Administration requirements for "advertising" for concrete mixing Transport vehicles, which provide for the requirements for reducing current Pathological development for Mix the truck The market and avoid occurring Similar mixtures of trucks.

Concrete mixer truck regulations:

Notice to unify the administration Advertising requirements to transfer concrete mixture Vehicles: All relevant and test car production institutions Institutions:

In order to increase monotheism Advertising management to transfer concrete mixture Vehicles, after research and approval from the Industrial Policy Department in The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, according to which we are notified The following requirements for advertising management for Concrete transport vehicles:

1. In "the standard Requirements ", the following three technical requirements are added to Concrete and concrete transport vehicles:

(1) Tangle Mobility vehicle You must comply with the following table: When the driver's column is equipped Double tires on each side of each axis and air suspension, can be this limit It increased by 1000 kg.

(2) The rate of filling the mixing cylinder The concrete mixer truck should not be less than 51.5 % (filling rate Definition: The rate of movement of the mixing drum to Engineering power, expressing it as a percentage).

(3) The ability to move from Cement Truck You must fulfill the following requirements: Stiring capacity ≤ download capacity (kg)/concrete Density (kg/m3) x 110 %

Note: Concrete density is 2400 kg/m3 It is recommended in GB/T 26408-2011 "Mix and Transfer of Concrete Vehicles.

2. Management requirements for advertising border:

(1) Teacher "Mixing Size" In other columns of original advertising parameters are corrected Teacher "Stirring", and the ability to move is It was defined according to GB/T 26408-2011 "Transfer of concrete mixture Vehicles.

(2) Add the engineering capacity to the tank The body, the mile angle parameter installation of the tank body with stirring Capacity, the tank structure scheme for deposit parameters The tank size (such as the total length of the tank body should include, The maximum outer diameter of the tank body, the diameter of the nutrition port, etc.), Tank material (referring to the material in contact with the middle, including Aluminum aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel, non -metal, etc.), tank wall The thickness, and the process of calculating the tank movement.

3. For products that do not meet the above Technical requirements in advertising, all relevant production institutions Products should be corrected in the advertisement before July 1, 2015. Products That does not meet the requirements after the deadline will be suspended from advertisement.

Starting with the 269 batch announcement, All production institutions and relevant test institutions must apply for obtaining And test new products according to the above requirements.

From the data on the table above, it is It is clear that if it is possible to implement the new regulations, then all of the main current Tank mixer trucks will be completed in the current market, and excess download It will also be curbed. However, with the current status of policies and China's counter -measures, it will take a long time to correct the mixing truck The market in order to return to the measurement.

Repetition for the use of concrete blender trucks:

1. When driving on the highway, You must turn an extended waterfall and put it on the discharge waterfall, commentator Firmly with a hook, then turned into a vertical position on the car A body. The lock device is used to lock the discharge waterfall Crefing on the frame to prevent shaking due to instability, causing injury Accidents and influence on the operation of other vehicles

2. The ability and quality and its ride The transferred concrete must be compatible with the provisions mentioned in Chapter 2

3. When the mixing truck is suspended in Outdoor, the mixing drum should be reversed before downloading, and The accumulated water (or rain water) and debris should be inside the cylinder It has been discharged to ensure the quality of the concrete

4. Upon work near the discharge of the discharge And unloading a waterfall, the protective equipment must be worn. Do not approach Port and mixing outlet, do not look inside, and do not touch the cylinder mixture With your hands

5. When a new car begins to use, it must be so Under a comprehensive examination and driving test, only when everything is It can be used officially

6. Upon delivery, if it is found Moisture and stagnation evaporates very low to meet the user's requirements, Water can be added to the cylinder appropriately, then the material can be It was discharged after rotating at a speed of 12-14R/min for 30 revolutions

7. Continuous operation time from The work device should not exceed 8 hours

8. When passing through facilities such as Attention must be paid to the dimensions of bridges, caves and warehouses The length and the weight bears the surface of the road to avoid destroying the mixer a truck

9. While operating the mixer truck With no concrete load and transportation, the mixing fleet should not stop The rotation to avoid local damage to the race race, rollers, or separation between Cement

10. The water tank should be frequent Fill out for use in emergency situations

11. Before adding water to the water tank, The ventilation valve must be opened to release the air inside the tank. After Inflation and water supply, the air storage tank must be closed in time road

Attention to mixing the use of the truck: water The tank is pressed only during the water supply, and do not lead on highways with Compressed water tank

Dangerous precautions to mix trucks: (1) Do not open the entrance valve before the water tank is pressed; (2) Do Do not lead until the water tank is pressed

12. During the parking lots in the winter, there should be no The remaining water in the water tank and the water supply system

13. If the discharge is a waterfall and It is necessary to use a waterfall together, depends on the specified work Power requirements

14. When the fully loaded concrete is rotated The front, if it needs the opposite, the control stick must be turned on to stop The rotation forward steadily before reflection. It is completely prohibited from it Reflecting the control stick during the front rotation process

15. It is prohibited to make sharp It turns at high speeds when the mixer is fully loaded It is prohibited from running it

16. Heavy mixing center The fleet is relatively high and slightly deviated to the right (as it appears from The background of the car). This deviation will increase when the mixing cylinder rotates With a full pregnancy, so the car should be very cautious when rotating. Especially when By moving to the left, it must be more cautious than not exceeding speed Mix 3r cylinder. The relationship between Qatar Figure 2. Mix the truck and the maximum stable speed It should also be reduced when the road is uneven

17. According to the various slopes The surface of the road appears, the shape of the concrete in the mixing cylinder in the shape 1. Drivers must be reasonably download the materials according to the road slope The surface they walk on, to avoid scattering materials on the road and Environmental pollution. Chapter 2.2 of this book has a movement of my name The folder approved at stagnation 120. If the recession exceeds this value, The load volume should be reduced appropriately at the hard height