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Product model and configuration of the mobile emergency vehicle of the Cheng Liwei brand

Product model and configuration of the mobile emergency vehicle of the Cheng Liwei brand

Steven.wang www.chinacysalestruck.com 2023-06-06 15:07:40
Cheng product and configuration model Emergency emergency vehicle of the Liwei brand (energy rescue vehicle):

Electric vehicles can be called mobile Electric vehicles, emergency electric vehicles and generating cars. The multifunctional emergency energy supply vehicle is a specialized vehicle equipped with a compartment, set of generators and energy administration system in the Standardized Class II vehicle chassis. It is mainly used as a mobile Emergency support supply source in places such as energy, communication, Conferences, engineering and military rescue that will have serious impacts if An energy cut is produced. Electric vehicles have a good performance outside the road and Adaptability to several road surfaces, suitable for all the climate in the open air operations, and can work in hostile environments as extremely high temperatures, low temperatures and dust. It has the characteristics of the stable and reliable general performance, easy operation, low noise, good emission and good maintenance, which can meet the needs of outdoor operations and Emergency energy source.

Chengli Special purpose vehicle Co., Ltd. The electric vehicle factory has a professional technical team of emergency electric vehicles With more than 10 years of experience. It can customize models of electric vehicles According to customer application, you must meet several practical needs. The company offers a complete range of 20KW Emergency Electric Vehicles 2000kw, with a length of the body that varies from 3.50m to 9.50m.

1 、 Outstanding technicians of the electric vehicles of the chengli company

1. Electric car noise reduction technology

In general, the noise of the diesel generator Established during the operation is approximately 110 dB. The structures of the intake and exhaust window The emergency energy supply vehicle is designed with patented Technology. On the premise of meeting the requires of Unity Escape air volume and not affect the output power and the temperature increase of the unit, the Air input and open spring windows and a sound set Absorption deflectors are used within the windows for noise reduction. The structure is simple, which can not only maximize the entry of effective air and Unit escape volume, but also meets noise reduction requirements. The electric car escape system adopts a resistance combination Silence and an antifúid device, which can reduce smoke escape noise by 35-40 DB (A). The lateral panels of the car are full of cotton that absorbs the sound With a 50-100 mm thickness according to noise and rubber requirements Sealing strips are installed within all doors and windows to achieve a good sound Insulation and noise reduction effects. After noise reduction treatment, Average noise of the electric car at a distance of 1 meter from the car During the full load operation it is approximately 72 dB (a). The performance is significantly Superior to other similar products in China.

2. Adjustable lighting mounted on the vehicle system

In response to the needs of electricity and Lighting for engineering rescue, an elevation lamp has been added, which It can normally work in a level 5 wind environment when it rises completely. The remote control can be used on the ground to control the ignition, off, up, down and Lighting rotation.

3. Highlands of internal electric cable

The electric car design adopts a patented Technology of an internal electric cable. The electric cable built in The winch installs the engine and the reducer in the sinuous drum of the winter of the cable, make the general structure simple and compact, and facilitate the organization Several rarest cables that work in parallel. The cable seat can choose different March relations according to the requirements of different cable specifications retraction and retraction, which can achieve the best working effect and safely and quickly complete the power cable connection operation. The winch can be connected to an external frequency and an industrial converter remote control to achieve speed regulation without variable frequency steps and Wireless remote control operation. The meters required that 2 people use them in 5 hours, a person can now complete it in 10 minutes.

4 Shock absorption of the power train unit

The electric car uses rubber shock absorbers Manufactured with patented technology for shock absorption. The shock absorber The pad consists of a higher -shaped cover plate and a funnel -shaped bottom Plate with interspersed rubber material between them. This structure is high Load capacity, low rigidity and an excellent damping relationship. They are less likely to cause resonance during vibration and a greater damping ratio quickly attenuates vibration. When the rubber pad is extremely damaged cases, the unit will not cause structural damage due to the damage of the rubber pad.

2 、 Chengli mobile energy car configuration:

1. Professional sound for sound for The reducing and noise reducing compartment, with a good sound absorption effect and effective noise reduction

2. The noise reduction mesh plate effectively reduces noise and is generally beautiful

3. Staircase aluminum alloy pedal (Available for cars with lower skirts)

4. The perspective window can be operated Standing on the floor to easily see

5. Convenient operation of electric grilles In the air input and escape system

6. Highland cable, integrated electric hand Cabrestious, without cable

7. Mobile emergency lighting for convenient Temporary lighting

8. Fluorescent lamp of AC/CC of the inner lighting device

9. convenient access within and under the compartment

10. The grounding device effectively prevents static electricity

11. Painting and identification can be sprinkled according to needs

12. Optional GPS configuration, Radar camera and back

13. Hydraulic Support Porta Entiva 4 tons

14. Long wire warning lights are optional

15. The lifting lights mounted in AR are optional

3 、 Basic performance of the Cheng Liwei Brand mobile vehicle

1. System aboard the electric car

1) vehicle speed. The electric car adopts the Motor and Jiangling Automobile Chassis, with a movement speed of more than 100 km/h.

2) Humanized operation and maintenance space during starting and off operations of the unit, as well as Instrument observation, the operator can perform the operation in the vehicle Operations room. There is a large space within the car and auxiliary. The facilities are installed to facilitate the repair and maintenance of the crew.

3) load capacity. On the basis of Taking into account the total weight of all equipment for emergency energy supply, there It remains a margin from 10% to 15% for the load capacity of the vehicle.

4) security measures. The entry of the The car is equipped with a fire extinguisher and the carriage is equipped With an alarm of smoke, explosion, explosion proof of CA/DC and emergency lights. They are also convenient tobres and cables to effectively guarantee security of the electric vehicle. a intelligent fire extinction system that can Not be manned.

2. Diesel generator set

1) The diesel engine adopts internationally Renowned brands such as Cummins and Volvo.

2) The set of generators adopts the Marathon of the renowned international brand, and Lilaisenma without brushes Generator ca synchronous, which adopts AVR automatic voltage regulation.

3) The generator installation base The set is a lower oil tank structure. Oil storage in the oil tank can meet The requirements for the unit to work for more than 8 hours.

4) The power of the generator set enters Several specifications ranging from 20 kW to 2000 kW.Equipado with a cylinder Load device to preheat the water lining and start the battery start, it is Always in waiting mode. After the unit begins, you can transport full load In 12 seconds, fully complying with rapid emergency energy requirements supply.

3. Control and operation system

1) the control screen equipped with the The unit provides the function of manually initiating the unit, which can Automatically monitor the operation of the unit, provide protection unitary function and provide an indicator table for all parameters of the Unit operation in the control panel, which visually facilitates seeing the unit state.

2) Emergency stop button when an emergency It occurs in the unit, pressing the emergency stop button can control unit A immediately stop the operation. When it is confirmed that the unity failure is eliminated, This button is restored.

3) Micro Air Switch. When the current is Too high and exceeds the established air switch value, automatically disconnect.

4) When abnormal situations such as low oil Pressure, high coolant temperature and unit speed, an automatic Alarm or off will occur.

4. Outgoing car cable system by Chengli Power

The food cable of the food car adopts the Flexible cable Yc and flexible heavy rubber cable, with a general length 30 meters, which can also be combined up to 100 meters as necessary to meet the Emergency energy supply needs for several special applications. and cable retraction can be controlled by electricity or manual.