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Operating steps of multi-function dust suppressor

  • Author:steven
  • Source:abroad
  • Release on:2019-01-10

Operating steps of multi-function dust suppressor


1. Check whether the fuel oil, lubricating oil and cooling water of the diesel engine are sufficient before starting the operation. Check whether the power cord activated by the diesel engine is connected with the battery terminal and check whether the power switch on the generator set is in the divided state. Check whether the liquid supply pipes are tightly connected and open the control switch on the liquid supply pipe of the spray gun.

     Second, the diesel engine starts: the start key is dialed to the starting position. Press the electric start motor button. After the generator set runs slowly for 1-2 minutes, gradually increase the throttle to make the voltage reach 420 volts (fan start voltage). The normal use is 380V, and the cycle meter is at 50 Hz. Turn the switch to the "closed" state.

      Third, trial run:

     (1) Jog the “fan on button” on the electric control box or remote control. If the fan is reversed, adjust the wiring position on the power switch and wait for the fan to run normally for 1-2 minutes.

     (2) Prepare the spray before aligning it with the spray target.

    (3) Jog the “liquid pump open button” on the electric control box or remote control. The price difference between the liquid supply pipe and the nozzle will leak, and the spray of each nozzle is uniform. If the nozzle is uneven, the nozzle can be adjusted. Check if the pointer of the liquid pump pressure gauge meets the requirements of the technical data. Otherwise, the high pressure pump adjustment handle should be adjusted appropriately.