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Operating steps of multi-function dust suppressor(two)

Operating steps of multi-function dust suppressor(two)

steven abroad 2019-01-15 18:49:46

Operating steps of multi-function dust suppressor


Fourth, spray operation

     (1) Pitch angle injection: The pitch angle is set to -10° to 40°. The angle change is controlled by the hydraulic motor to control the hydraulic support arm to move downwards. Click the “down” or “up” button on the electrical box or handheld remote to adjust the nozzle to the desired spray angle.

Hydraulic system: The hydraulic system is mounted on a rotating bracket to control the pitch angle of the spray barrel. It is mainly composed of a cylinder, a hydraulic motor, a solenoid valve, a high pressure oil pipe, and a hydraulic telescopic arm. Always check whether the hydraulic pressure of the hydraulic station is sufficient when using it, otherwise it should be refueled. The hydraulic oil used in the hydraulic station is No. 46 anti-wear hydraulic oil, which is resistant to low temperature -20° or more. If the ground temperature is lower than -20°, it is necessary to replace the anti-freezing hydraulic oil suitable for the local temperature. The oil level of the hydraulic station is added to the oil level of the hydraulic oil tank and the oil temperature display hole can see the oil as well. Always check the oil pipe, joints, etc. for oil leakage, whether the interface screws will loosen, and handle the fault in time.

     (2) Horizontal rotary injection: The horizontal rotary injection angle is set to 180°.

     A. When the horizontal rotation is set to jog control to rotate back and forth, put the “manual-automatic” button on the electric control cabinet. At this time, the whole bracket of the spray gun will move to the left or right, when the spray drum is turned to the set angle. When the spray nozzle supports a stop, it will touch a travel switch to stop the spray bracket. If it needs to be transferred to another angle, it must wait 2-3 seconds before joging another direction button. When the bracket can rotate B and the horizontal rotation is set to automatically reciprocate, turn the “manual---auto” button switch to the automatic position on the electric control cabinet, and then click the “left” or “right” button at any time to spray. The cylinder will rotate automatically at 0-180°.

    Horizontal rotation control system: The horizontal rotation control system is installed at the bottom of the turntable, and is mainly composed of a micro motor, a reduction gear box, a driving gear, a transmission gear, a travel switch, and the like. When used for a period of time, the gear must be lubricated with grease to ensure it is well lubricated.

    (3) Emergency stop: In the operation, if there are other accidents, it is necessary to stop immediately and when the electric control box door is opened, the “Emergency stop button” can be pressed immediately, and the whole machine can be stopped


    Fifth, the adjustment of the amount of fog: If the amount of fog is found to be insufficient, the pressure regulating handle of the high-pressure pump can be appropriately adjusted to increase the pressure to 3.5 MPa or refer to the instruction manual of the high-pressure pump. If the wind is not enough, check whether the voltage is insufficient. Check whether the power supply line diameter is sufficient or not, and whether it is within the effective guarantee range.

     6. End of operation:

    (1) Put the remote control on the electric control box and press the “Liquid pump stop” button for 1-2 minutes, then press the “fan stop” button. Jog the "Left" or "Right" button to return the blower barrel to the best safe position.

(2) Turn the power switch to the OFF position to achieve a safe shutdown, prevent accidents, and close the power cord.