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Garbage transport expert-Hubei Chenyuan Dongfeng Dollyka compressed garbage truck

  • Author:steven
  • Release on:2018-10-23

Garbage transport expert-Hubei Chenyuan Dongfeng Dollyka compressed garbage truck

The compressed garbage truck produced by Hubei Chenyuan Special Automobile Co., Ltd.: The whole vehicle is fully sealed. The sewage in the process of self-compression, self-dumping and compression all enters the sewage compartment, which completely solves the secondary pollution in the garbage transportation process. The problem has the advantages of high compression ratio, high pressure, large load, good sealing, good environmental protection, convenient operation, safety, and high power utilization of the whole vehicle.

    Now is the age of the Internet, when you shop, you like to look online. Mr. Li of Henan Province found the phone of our sales department through the official website of Chenyuan Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd., and called the compressed garbage truck. The sales manager of Chengli Group introduced Dongfeng Dolly, after our sales manager. In detail, Mr. Li decided to order Dongfeng Dolly's compressed garbage truck, and to have a car, and then signed a car purchase contract with our Chenyuan sales manager and paid the car deposit.

    Next, the sales manager of our Chenyuan Automobile Company went to the production department of Chenyuan Automobile Automobile Co., Ltd. to place an order. Since it is a current car, the quality inspection personnel of the production department of Chengli Group will directly inspect the vehicle. The sales manager of our Chengli Group went to the on-board procedure for the compressed garbage truck. After everything is done, it will be started by our Chengli Group's delivery car master with Dongfeng Dollyka compressed garbage truck.