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Hubei Dongyuan Dongli D9 truck selling hot water

  • Author:steven
  • Release on:2018-10-17

Hubei Dongyuan Dongli D9 truck selling hot water

Hubei Chenyuan Special Vehicle Co., Ltd. Dongfeng D9 multi-functional green sprinkler, using the original Dongfeng chassis, the authentic national emission standards, the new white cab with reversal, with direction boost, ABS, the original factory air conditioning, steel tyres. The tank is made of high quality steel. According to the requirements of different customers, the volume of tank can reach 12 cubic meters and 14 parties. The special functions of sprinkler of Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. are: sprinkle forward and back, side sprinkler, high-level flower sprinkler, working platform behind tank, installation of green sprinkler on the platform, cannon can spray pesticide, and a variety of rain-like adjustable (heavy rain, moderate rain, drizzle, fog), pump can be self-suction and self-discharge, with self-flow valve. Bring the fire fighting connector and filter device.

Hubei Chenyuan Dongfeng D9 sprinkler is a high-quality sprinkler, is second only to Dongfeng Tianjin sprinkler, with a new luxury cab, the original factory air conditioning, electric doors and windows. Virescence sanitation multifunctional sprinkler is suitable for landscaping and sanitation of roads and gardens. The sprinkler of Hubei Chengli Special Vehicle Co., Ltd. uses the engine power of the vehicle to drive the on-board sprinkler pump through the force collector, and adds water from the intake to the vehicle or transports the water in the tank to each sprinkler through pipeline, thus realizing various functions.