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Detailed operation of multifunctional dust suppression vehicle

  • Author:steven
  • Release on:2018-10-17

Detailed operation of multifunctional dust suppression vehicle

The dust suppression vehicle of Chenyuan Special Automobile Co., Ltd. is a special vehicle which can inhibit dust pollution by spraying dust suppression solidifying agent and other spraying liquid. It mainly serves railways, roads and other high dust generating places. Structurally, the main dust suppression vehicle of Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. is composed of swing arm spraying device, liquid storage tank, self-propelled vehicle and control system. The following is a brief introduction to the operation steps of dust suppression vehicle.

1. Check whether the fuel oil, lubricating oil and cooling water of the diesel engine are sufficient before starting operation, check whether the starting power line of the diesel engine is tightly connected with the battery terminal, and check whether the power switch on the generator set is in a separate state. Check whether the connection of the liquid supply pipes is fastened, and turn on the control switch on the spray pipe.

Two. Start of diesel engine: start the key to start position. Press the electric start motor button, wait for 1-2 minutes after the slow operation of the generator set, gradually increase the throttle, so that the voltage to 420 volts (fan start voltage) normal use is 380 V, cyclometer at 50 Hz position, the power supply switch up to the "close" state.

Three, trial run:

(1) Put the "Fan Open Button" on the control box or remote control for trial operation. If the fan reverses, the wiring position should be adjusted on the power switch until the fan runs normally for 1-2 minutes.

(2) do the preparation before spraying, aiming at the spray target.

(3) point the "liquid pump opening button" on the electric control box or remote control, whether the liquid supply pipe and the nozzle will leak, and whether the spray is uniform or not. If the nozzle is not uniform, the nozzle can be adjusted. Check whether the needle of the pressure gauge of the liquid pump meets the requirement of the technical data, otherwise, the adjusting handle of the high-pressure pump should be adjusted appropriately.

Four. Spray operation

(1) pitch angle injection: the pitch angle is set at -10 degrees ~40 degrees. The angle change is controlled by hydraulic motor to drive the hydraulic support arm up and down. Put the "down" or "up" button on the control box or the hand-held remote control to adjust the nozzle to the desired injection angle.

Hydraulic system: the hydraulic system is installed on the rotary support to control the pitch angle of the spray barrel. It is mainly composed of an oil cylinder, a hydraulic motor, an electromagnetic valve, a high-pressure oil pipe and a hydraulic telescopic arm. When using, check the hydraulic oil of the hydraulic station regularly. Hydraulic oil used in hydraulic station is No. 46 anti-wear hydraulic oil, which can withstand low temperature more than - 20 degrees. If the ground temperature is lower than - 20 degrees, the antifreeze hydraulic oil suitable for local temperature must be replaced. The oil filling level of the hydraulic station is added to the oil level and the oil temperature of the hydraulic tank. Check the oil leakage of tubing, joint, etc. regularly, the loosening of the interface screw, and deal with the fault in time.

(2) horizontal rotary injection: the horizontal rotation angle is set to 180 degrees.

A. When the horizontal rotation is set to point control and rotates back and forth, the "manual-automatic" button is put on the electronic control cabinet. At this time, the overall support of the nozzle will move to the left or right to spray. When the nozzle turns to the set angle, one piece of the nozzle support will encounter a stroke switch to stop the support of the nozzle from turning, and if it is necessary to switch to another. When the angle is between two and three seconds, the other direction button must be clicked. When the nozzle bracket can rotate B and the horizontal rotation is set to automatic reciprocating swing, the "manual-automatic" button switch is switched to the automatic position on the control cabinet, and then the "left" or "right" button is clicked arbitrarily. The nozzle will reciprocate automatically from 0 to 180 degrees. Turn.

Horizontal rotation control system: Horizontal rotation control system is installed at the bottom of the turntable, mainly composed of micro-motor, reducer gearbox, driving gear and transmission gear, stroke switch, etc. After a period of time, grease must be added to the gears to ensure that they are well lubricated.

(3) Emergency shutdown: In operation, if there are other accidents must be stopped immediately before opening the door of the electronic control box, can immediately press the "emergency shutdown button", can achieve the whole machine shutdown state.

5. Fog adjustment: If the fog is not enough, the pressure regulating handle of the high-pressure pump can be properly adjusted to make the pressure rise to 3.5 MPa or refer to the operating instructions of the high-pressure pump. If the wind is not enough, can check whether the voltage is insufficient, check whether the power supply line diameter flow is sufficient, whether in the effective guarantee range.

Six. End of operation:

(1) Push the "stop of liquid pump" button for 1-2 minutes, then press the "stop of fan" button. Move the "left" or "right" button to return fan blower to the best safe position.

(2) switch the power switch to the OFF position to achieve safe shutdown and prevent any accidents.

Seven, hand-held remote control transmitter instructions and operational characteristics:

A and operation: (1) when starting, please turn the emergency stop button on the upper right corner clockwise and connect the remote power supply.

(2) when you turn off, confirm a click to stop running and press the upper right angle emergency stop button.

(3) If you do not respond to the operation instructions, turn off the power supply of the finger remote control transmitter and receiver for 10 seconds and then turn on again. If you do not respond again, please contact our factory.

B, working indicator light, indicator light is located under the hand-held remote control transmitter.

(1) the boot is green and green when receiving the feedback signal, which can operate normally.

(2) In normal operation, the green indicator flashes for 0.5 seconds. When the operation is over, the green indicator goes out, and the hand-held remote control transmitter automatically transmits the signal to maintain the main power contact after the receiver.