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Two US warships passed Taiwan confirmation of the Taiwan Strait Ministry of Defense

  • Author:Steven
  • Release on:2018-10-23

Network overseas October 22, according to Taiwan media reports, the Taiwan Ministry of Defense confirmed that the United States The warships sailed from south to north through T.Iwan Strait Manal Goose nose

According to "Common News Network "report, the Taiwan Ministry of Defense confirmed the evening 22. Two US warships sailed from south to north across Taiwan Directly from the sea of ​​goose nose. Taiwan's defense ministry said That the American ship was "routinely passing through international waters Of the Taiwan Strait "and the relevant details have been explained by the United States the government.

The Taiwan Ministry of Defense has also been stressed It is during the United States maritime navigation through water throughout Taiwan, and The Taiwanese army has mastered the response to the whole process, the people Relaxing

In July this year, the US Navy The destroyers of "Maastin" and "Benford" passed through Taiwan Strait. Liu Jie, director of the Taiwan Affairs Office, pointed out: "In In fact, the United States has been playing "Taiwan sign" for some time. The The purpose of his struggle for the "Taiwan brand" is very clear. The most basic The thing is that the practice of the United States harm Taiwan's interests Citizens and harm the interests of all Chinese People. Of course, you should Also to be opposed by citizens on both sides of the strait. Citizens of Taiwan Must realize the Qing dynasty and the real purpose of American work, no one Should help the United States to fight the "Taiwan card", hurt the interests of Citizens on both sides of the strait, and harm the basic interests of the Citizens of Taiwan ".