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Dongfeng brand 4x2 Wrecker Tow Truck for sales

Dongfeng brand 4x2 Wrecker Tow Truck for sales

  • 1.Production name: aerial platform truck
  • 2.Production model: CLW5054JGKZ3
  • 3.Overall dimensions(mm): 7400×1980 ×3100
  • 5.Wheel base(mm): 3300/3800
  • 6.Fuel Type: Diesel
  • 7.Emission standard: Euro III

Dongfeng brand 4x2 high working truck for sale

I.  Vehicle Parameter                         

1、 model、name

CLW5054JGKZ3  Overhead working truck

2、  brand name



Hubei  Chengli  Special  Automobile  Co.,Ltd (IN CHINA)

4、 Overall dimension

7400×1980 ×3100 mm

5、curb weight


6、Max working height


7、cab seats


8、Max speed

90 km/h


5 forward gear,1 reverse gear


departure angle


11、front/ rear hang

1032/1968 mm

12、steering type

Left- hand drive( right-hand drive can opt)


Yellow(other colors are available), Flat, luxurious interior trim and seat, with power steering,forward flip。

14、Performance characteristic

A:before working, stretch out 4 H-type supporting legs to keep the vehicle safe and stable when working;B:the vehicle can rotate with 360 degree,two sets of hydraulic working handles; C:flat double cab,the vehicle can carry 5-6 persons;D:hook is optional,hook lifting weight is 1-1.5 tons。

15、 Application

It is mainly used in circuit maintenance, road lamps repair, high-altitude working and cleaning, tree pruning and other of high-altitude operation。

II. Chassis parameter

1、 Chassis model


2、 Brand name



DongFeng Motor  Co.,Ltd.(China second automobile group company)

4、Drive type

4 x 2

5、Wheel base

3300 mm

6、Front track base

1404 mm

7、Rear track base

1458 mm

8、Tire specification


9、Tire number

6+1(spare tyre)

10、axle load

2470/3025 kg

11、axle number


III. Engine parameter

1、engine type(emission/power)

CY4102-C3F( 3856ml / 70kw )

2、 Engine manufacturer

DongFeng Chaoyang engine Co.,Ltd.

3、Fuel type


4、Emissions standards


1. Q: How long is the warranty period?             

   A: All of our trucks have one year warranty or 25000KM since you get the truck.

 2. Q: What’s the main market of yourcompany?

   A: We have customers all over the worldand our main market it Afrian, all the individuals and units are my partnerswho have a demand of china’s high quality automobile industry product.

3.  Q: How much the production capacity and supply capacity of your factory for one year?

 .  A: This depends on your needs. 10 years of spare parts sales experience makes us have a smooth supply channels.  

4.  Q: Where is your factory located?              

   A:Our company is located in Suizhou City,Hubei Province,the Capital of Special Purpose Vehicle in China.Warmly welcome to our factory. 

5.  Q: The reason why you chose our company?             

   A: We have the abundant resources supply, professional quality inspection engineers,excellent service team, we will integrate all resources for your needs, let you experience the more cost-effective and more convenient "one-stop" procurement services, effectively reduce the purchasing cost.

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