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Hubei Chenyuan Special Automobile Sales Co., Ltd.
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Automobile Industrial Park was established in the southern suburbs of Suizhou City, Hubei Province. Contact Now
simi-trailer supplier from china

simi-trailer supplier from china

  • simi-trailer supplier from china

simi-trailer supplier from china

1. Q: How long is the warranty period?             

   A: All our trucks have a one year warranty or 25000KM since you got the truck.

 2. Q: What is the main market of your company?

   A: We have customers all over the world and our main market is Afrian, all individuals and units are my partners that have a demand for high quality automotive products from China.

3. Q: How much the production capacity and supply capacity of your Factory for one year?

 . A: This depends on your needs. 10 years of experience in the sale of spare parts make us have a supply channel without problems.  

4. Q: Where is your factory located?              

   A: Our company is located in the city of Suizhou, Hubei Province, the capital of the special purpose vehicle in China. Welcome to our factory. 

5. Q: The reason why you chose our company?             

   A: We have abundant supply of resources, professional quality inspection engineers, excellent service team, we will integrate all the resources for your needs, we will allow you to experience the most profitable and convenient all-in-one procurement services to effectively reduce the purchases. cost.

HuBei ChenYuan Special Automobile Sales Co., Ltd


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