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Customized 4x2 Diesel China moible fast food truck price body superstructure stainless steel for selling snacksCustomized 4x2 Diesel China moible fast food truck price body superstructure stainless steel for selling snacksCustomized 4x2 Diesel China moible fast food truck price body superstructure stainless steel for selling snacksCustomized 4x2 Diesel China moible fast food truck price body superstructure stainless steel for selling snacksCustomized 4x2 Diesel China moible fast food truck price body superstructure stainless steel for selling snacks

Customized 4x2 Diesel China moible fast food truck price body superstructure stainless steel for selling snacks

  • 1.Production name: Mobile Food Truck
  • 2.Production model: HCQ5040XCCDF
  • 3.Overall dimensions(mm): 5995 * 2090 * 3300
  • 4.Cabinet size(mm) (mm): 4200x1800x1850
  • 5.Wheel base(mm): 3300
  • 6.Fuel Type: Diesel
  • 7.Emission standard: Euro III
  • 8.Gearbox: 5 forwards 1 backward
  • 9. Left hand drive
  • 10.Engine model: D28D10-3D3/CY4102-C3F

Customized 4x2 Diesel China moible fast food truck price body superstructure stainless steel for selling snacks



Manufacture's direct selling in order to save costs for our customers


Keep a good quality and create a good comfortable outdoor sales window






Vehicle Name


HCQ5040XCCDFA mobile food truck


Drive mode


4 × 2


Streeing type


Right-hand drive




5995 * 2090 * 3300


Cabinet internal dimensions




total weight




Curb Weight








Maximum speed

KM / H



Chassis Type




Chassis brand


Dongfeng Automobile Co., Ltd.


Chassis manufacturer


Dongfeng Motor Corporation


engine model




Engine Manufacturer


Dongfeng Light Engine Co., Ltd.


Displacement / Power

Ml / kW





5 forward gears, one reverse gear


Emission Standards


Euro III


Fuel type


diesel engine


Tire size / resolution


7.00R16 / 6 + 1



Tiltable luxurious interiors, seats. Power steering, air conditioning if the customer requirements for equipment.


Standard configuration:

Internal and external compartment is the cold-rolled steel sheet materials and manufacturing non-slip floor, waterproof and wearable aluminum checkered plate; top compartment is closed and can not be opened, but the left and right sides and the back and can be extended there are vending machines on the left and right bar. The internal compartment mounted LED floodlights vending machine or two spotlights (5 / column), the top exhaust fan, megaphone, total switch, USB interface, a large space lockers; outside of the cabin installed two speakers, 105A battery, 220V external power connector, 15 m external power cord, telescopic pedal cars; trucks of different colors and skin patches are optional.


 Internal compartment device according to user requirements, such as generator / freezers / coolers / stop kiosks / induction cooker and other customized; the main compartment left and right sides can choose form different structures of side panels: according to customer demand sales window, you can also use any of the body to the truck side, the floor can be expanded to extend the cargo area vending operations; glass sliding window can also be selected on both sides of the compartment body. Compartment door back door can choose single, double flat open door or lift door curtain. Both cars' sides and the back door can be equipped with light boxes or glass roll advertising LED screen. You can choose the truck roof overhead air conditioning, luggage rack, both sides can choose shades, the tail can choose to climb the ladder.


Standard Configuration: The food truckexternal surface body is fiberglass steel, intermediate interlayer for heatinsulation and fire insulation layer, and the internal surface is stainless steel;The left and right side and the backside can be expanded and there is vendingbar on both left and right side. The internal compartment is installed with LED floodlights, megaphone, master switch, USB interface, large space locker; Theoutside of the compartment is installed with two loudspeakers,105A  storage battery,220V external power supply interface,15m external power supply cord,telescopic truck pedal; Different truck colors and skin stickers are optional.


Food truck optional equipments description:

Optional Configuration: Internal compartment equipment can be customised according to user's requirements suchas generator/freezer/cold drink machine/vending bar/cooker etc; The left andright side of the compartment body can be chosed different structure forms ofside panel; The selling window can be also opened on any side of the truck bodyaccording to customer demand, the below board can be unfold to extend the cargoarea in vending operation; The glass sliding window can be also choosed on bothside of the compartment body.The back door of the compartment can choose singleopen door, double flat open door or lift-up door. Both sides and back of thecompartment can be optional advertising glass roller light box or LEDscreen.Truck roof can choose overhead air conditioning,baggage holder,left andright side can be chosed awning,the back side of the truck can be chosedcrawling ladder.


· selling snacks,as a fast food cart which you can make and sell fast food

· kitchen cart which you can make food for yourself

· shop which you can sell phone card and phone

· aid post which you can help everyone

· book store which you can sell newspaper , magazine etc

· housing when you have a trip by car or jeep

· repare shop to main for your clients

· empty cart which do it by yourself

1. Q: How long is the warranty period?             

   A: All of our trucks have one year warranty or 25000KM since you get the truck.

 2. Q: What’s the main market of yourcompany?

   A: We have customers all over the worldand our main market it Afrian, all the individuals and units are my partnerswho have a demand of china’s high quality automobile industry product.

3.  Q: How much the production capacity and supply capacity of your factory for one year?

 .  A: This depends on your needs. 10 years of spare parts sales experience makes us have a smooth supply channels.  

4.  Q: Where is your factory located?              

   A:Our company is located in Suizhou City,Hubei Province,the Capital of Special Purpose Vehicle in China.Warmly welcome to our factory. 

5.  Q: The reason why you chose our company?             

   A: We have the abundant resources supply, professional quality inspection engineers,excellent service team, we will integrate all resources for your needs, let you experience the more cost-effective and more convenient "one-stop" procurement services, effectively reduce the purchasing cost.

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