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HOWO 10 CBM Bitumen Distributor Truck supplier

HOWO 10 CBM Bitumen Distributor Truck supplier

  • 1.Production name: Bitumen Distributor Truck
  • 2.Production model: HCQ5081TSLDFA
  • 3.Overall dimensions(mm): 7160×2200×2750
  • 6.Fuel Type: Diesel
  • 7.Emission standard: Euro IV

HOWO 10 CBM Bitumen Distributor Truck supplier

Main specifications

Product model,name

Asphalt Distributor truck

Gross weight(Kg)


Drive type

4 X 2



Overall demension(mm)


Curb weight(Kg)


Cab seats(man)


Approach/departure angle(°)


Front/rear hang(mm)


Number of axles




Axle load(Kg)


Max speed(Km/h)


Chassis specifications

Chassis model



Sinotruk group jinan truck co., LTD

Brand name


Overall dimension(mm)


Tire specification


Tires No.


Steel spring number


Front track(mm)


Fuel type


Rear track(mm)


Emission standard

Euro III


6 forward gear,1 reverse gear


Luxury interior and Instrument bar, with air conditioning and sleeper.





Engine’s Technical Parameters

Engine model


Engine manufacutre

China national heavy duty truck group co., LTD

Displacement(ml)/ Power(kw)


Rated speed


Maximum torque


Maximum torque speed


The whole machine performance parameters

Tank volume(m3


The volume of asphalt spreader(L/m2)


Spraying width(mm)


Working speed(Km/h)


Spraying error


The number of nozzles and control

48 set(one for one)

Heating method

Italy imports of diesel burner heating (200,000 kcal / h)

Spray medium

Heat hot asphalt, modified asphalt, diluted asphalt, emulsified asphalt

The equipment use and simple introduction

DFL1160BX type asphalt distributor is a kind of professional distributing emulsified asphalt, heat diluted asphalt, asphalt, high viscosity modified asphalt  such as intelligent automation high-tech products. Used in the construction of high-grade highway asphalt pavement at the bottom of the transparent layer of oil spill cloth, waterproof layer, bonding layer. The asphalt made of the automobile chassis, asphalt tank, asphalt pump and spraying system, heat conduction oil heating system, hydraulic system, combustion system and control system, pneumatic system, operating platform. It is easy to operate, in the absorption of similar products at home and abroad on the basis of the technology, increased to ensure the construction quality and technical content and highlight the construction condition, construction environment improvement of humanized design. Its design is reasonable and reliable to ensure the asphalt distributing uniformity, computer control is stable and reliable, vehicle technical performance has reached the world advanced level.The vehicle can improve through my company all aspects of the work in worse conditions

The equipment performance and characteristics

1). This truck was adopted the Dongfeng luxury’chassis, Flexible and lightweight maneuverability, beautiful atmosphere appearance, for the majority of intercity logistics customers with safe, efficient and reliable service;

2). According to the spray volume and required working width, the computer can be any form of determinant nozzle combination;

3). Both of Manual and automatic control method, which can be implemented individually that each nozzle is controlled in order to adjust to achieve a spray width.

4). Controlling asphalt spreaders can not only be completed in the cab and also be controlled on the rear platform;

5). Can measure the speed of the car and the car's automatic control system based on the input amount of spill cloth and the width of spraying and asphalt type automatic calculation of asphalt pump revolution thus to adjust the asphalt pump pump automatically by the system.

6). Its heating system adopted the imported the Ital’ burner with automatic ignition and temperature control function;

7). Adopt international advanced imported high viscosity bitumen pump, the asphalt can be pumped into the external tank, to achieve "self-absorption" and also be asphalt tank pump out;

8). A key of the machine parts (eg hydraulic CBQ550-L, hydraulic motors 05-110-BD31, asphalt pump QGB950, proportional valve EFBG-03-160-HF, automatic control system CLW-48-01, speed sensors, etc.) all adopted the internat renowned components, so can ensure the reliability of the machine, improve service life;

9). In under the premise of guarantee does not interfere with other parts maintenance disassembly, decorated with all parts of a ladder and handrail, convenient operation

10). All external heat pipe all have the thermal insulation layers, while reducing the amount of heat to avoid scalding the operator;

11). The Vehicular rapid heating system (10-15 ℃ / h), can improve the heating efficiency and reduce the auxiliary time of construction, so ensure the distributing temperature;

12). Asphalt spraying pole adopts three sections of folding structure, move up and down by distributing stem can realize double or multiple spraying, by moving around distributing bar can expand the scope of cloth, and can effectively avoid obstacles;

13). Manual spraying function can make asphalt by hand spraying nozzle, flexible, convenient and applicable to small and marginal construction condition.The ace spray gun.Open the total valve, open transfer valve, open the oil return valve, the use of oil return valve to adjust the pressure of the spray gun.

14). The Ssphalt tank with internal sewage sedimentation tank, and fitted with level monitor and alarm, safety devices;

15). Flush nozzle this feature can be add nozzle residual asphalt by diesel high pressure air blow out, prevent asphalt to freeze in the nozzle, can greatly improve the service life of the nozzle.Shut off the main valve, oil return valve, open the pneumatic valve, open the suction valve open nozzle can in turn

16). Good thermal insulation layer can ensure static heat preservation performance index, 12 ℃ / 8 hours or less, and the anticorrosion and durable;

17). The truck of outer packing is made of stainless steel plate, anti-corrosion and durable, beautiful and easy

1. Q: How long is the warranty period?             

   A: All of our trucks have one year warranty or 25000KM since you get the truck.

 2. Q: What’s the main market of yourcompany?

   A: We have customers all over the worldand our main market it Afrian, all the individuals and units are my partnerswho have a demand of china’s high quality automobile industry product.

3.  Q: How much the production capacity and supply capacity of your factory for one year?

 .  A: This depends on your needs. 10 years of spare parts sales experience makes us have a smooth supply channels.  

4.  Q: Where is your factory located?              

   A:Our company is located in Suizhou City,Hubei Province,the Capital of Special Purpose Vehicle in China.Warmly welcome to our factory. 

5.  Q: The reason why you chose our company?             

   A: We have the abundant resources supply, professional quality inspection engineers,excellent service team, we will integrate all resources for your needs, let you experience the more cost-effective and more convenient "one-stop" procurement services, effectively reduce the purchasing cost.

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