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HuBei ChenYuan Special Automobile Sales Co., Ltd
Expert level team, Rich experience
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Hubei Chenyuan Special Automobile Sales Co., Ltd.
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Automobile Industrial Park was established in the southern suburbs of Suizhou City, Hubei Province. Contact Now

Expert level team, Rich experience


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We have a stable trade team with eight years of export experience at least,and proficient in the whole export process, we can do with your all questions, whatever all trade questions or after-sales service in abroad, and will provide you the best case and let you having a good choose,in order to do it, our team will still Take part in some training every year and keep abreast of the latest developments in international trade in any time,meanwhile we do know our production workshop and will try the best to avoid any questions in any step,you can rest assured that all the work will be left to us to complete.

Our factory is located in SuiZhou city,HuBei Province, China, which is one of largest in china, our professional production team can meet your requires completely,many trucks can be customized as per your actual requires, we master most of trucks, such as mobile food truck,moible advertising truck,water tank truck,oil tank truck,concrete mixer truck, include all Sanitation trucks, such as road sweeper truck and so on, which will let you a better choose when you have any requires, and let your order to meet your needs completely,

Our purpose is to sales the best truck from China, and recommend you the best product as per your requires.

We are like a pack of wolves, with a clear division of labor, dedication and unity, which let us having aimmeasurable strength. we focu on our allonstrengths to provide you with the best service and the products you want.

Please trust our team,which will be made your working more easy.