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Common malfunctions in the sales of refrigerated trucks and refrigerators

Common malfunctions in the sales of refrigerated trucks and refrigerators

steven.wang 2023-05-09 15:23:47

             Common malfunctions in the sales of refrigerated trucks and refrigerators

1、 The reasons and solutions for difficulty or inability to start mainly include the following:

The main power switch is not closed or the main switch contact is poor; The electric oil pump does not supply oil; There is no gasoline in the mailbox or the fuel supply pipeline is blocked; The air filter is too dirty, causing blockage; The starting coil wiring is detached or the coil is damaged, and the starting relay is damaged; Damaged insurance operation panel; The oil safety switch jumps out; The fuel supply of the carburetor is abnormal; The spark plug is damaged.

2、 The main methods of handling are as follows:

Check the main power switch and close it or polish the switch points with gauze to ensure good contact; Check if the power supply of the electric oil pump is normal. If it is abnormal, it should be eliminated in a timely manner, and then check if the oil supply is normal. If it is not normal, replace the electric oil pump. If the prototype oil pump cannot be found, a domestic electric oil pump with a similar model can be used to replace it; Check the fuel tank and refuel it in a timely manner; Clean the air filter element; Replace the starting coil and starting relay, and connect the wiring properly; Replace the insurance operation panel; Check if there is too little oil in the crankcase of the gasoline engine. If there is too little, add engine oil and reset the safety switch of the engine oil; Check and clean the carburetor; Replace the spark plug.

3、 The main reasons and solutions for gasoline engines operating at low speeds are as follows:

The throttle coil is not powered on or the electromagnetic lever is stuck; Insufficient oil supply from the oil pump or blocked oil supply pipeline; The carburetor is blocked or improperly adjusted; There is too little oil in the crankcase of a gasoline engine, and the oil pump supply pressure is insufficient; The temperature sensor has been improperly adjusted and is in the low-speed running position.

4、 There are several processing methods:

Check the power supply of the throttle * * coil and handle the malfunction of the electromagnetic lever being stuck; Clean and replace the electric oil pump and oil supply pipeline; Clean and adjust the carburetor; Add an appropriate amount of engine oil to maintain the required amount for normal operation, and identify the reasons for the decrease in engine oil; Adjust the temperature controller to maintain a normal cooling state; Adjust the speed adjustment positioning screw to the corresponding speed position.